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Protect Your Investment

with our RV Protect service agreement

Plans are available for towable and motorized with deductibles from $0 - $100 and are transferable!

Extended Service Agreement

RV ownership and the RV lifestyle are all about relaxation and having fun. Don't let unexpected breakdowns and unforeseen costly repairs ruin your travel plans. RV Protect is a service agreement that extends protection after your warranty period that helps you travel worry-free.

Let us help you choose the plan that is right for you!

RV Protect can protect your peace of mind and your wallet

Estimated average cost of repair

Based on 4.5% inflation per year


Program Benefits

Repair Choice & Reimbursement Program

Roadside Assistance

Low or No Deductible


Includes a Coach-Net membership at no additional charge.  Includes:

  • Towing
  • Delivery of Fuel
  • Flat Tire Assistance
  • RV Service Appt Assistance
  • Battery Boost
  • Lock Out
  • RV Tech Assistance

A range of deductibles from $0 up to $100 as well as a Reducing Deductible.  

Should you decide to sell your RV, you can transfer your coverage to the next owner, increasing the resale value of your unit.

When an unfortunate breakdown occurs and repairs are needed, enjoy the freedom to take your vehicle to any licensed repair facility of your choice!

The expense reimbursement package includes Includes rental car, trip interruption, on-site repairs, food spoilage coverage, and pet benefit coverage, further ensuring you can always travel worry-free.

Why Choose Coach-Net

Coach-Net has built the services offered around the needs of the RV and your RV lifestyle. Our primary concern is your safety, closely followed by getting you back on the road to continue on with your journey.

Coach-Net provides nationwide tire locate service to locate and deliver a tire for your RV no matter where you are (in your driveway, in a campground, or on the side of the road). This tire will be delivered by someone who has all the equipment with them to mount the tire onto your rim and get it back onto the RV. If you have the Tire & Wheel protection, this service will be sign and drive if your tire was damaged due to a road hazard.

Coach-Net has our own 24/7 dispatch call center so we do not have to use a third party to take care of our members' needs.

Coach-Net has RV certified, master certified, and factory trained technicians in our call center for your major mechanical disablements and operational concerns.

Coach-Net will verify service on the day of disablement, for your specific need to help you get back on the road in a timely manner.

Ray L.

"Thank you for the excellent service.  We needed to use your service last week when the gas tank broke away from our car.  The service we received was beyond my expectations.  I am telling everyone I know about Coach-Net.  I will not use another program."